plant-based protein powder reviews

About Us

The Vegan Protein Powder Review is an ongoing experiment that delves into the nutrition, taste, and cost of various plant-based protein powders on the market. It’s a project I started in 2016 out of pure curiosity in comparing what’s out there. While I do get secondary input from other individuals at times, each review is based on the genuine interest and research of myself.

Hi. My name is  Ty Tafelsky. I best summarize myself as a wellness blogger and experimental athlete. From triathlon training to weight lifting, I continuously explore various avenues of movement and physical fitness. If you want to stay in-tune with me on a more personal level, follow me on Instagram.

In addition to athletics, I have also tested the waters with different “diets,” such as plant-based, paleo, grain-free, and ketogenic. In doing so, I’ve always steered toward supplementing with vegan protein powders.

There are many benefits I’ve realized in using plant-based protein for athletic recovery. From reduced soreness, inflammation, flatulence to improved digestion and recovery, these are just a handful of reasons why I opt for plant-based protein powders over whey.

I created this website as a means to help educate and inform individuals of which products may best suit their lifestyle. Whether or not you’re vegan, I encourage you to experiment with plant-based nutrition.


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