Plant-based Protein Powder Vanilla

My 7 Favorite Plant-based Protein Powder Vanilla Flavors

Perhaps the most popular flavor among plant-based protein powder, vanilla is a common option across a variety of brands. It’s also one of my favorites. When other alternatives like chocolate or berry-flavored protein powder are too specific, vanilla is a universal option that’s fantastic for fruit smoothies, oatmeal, and decadent desserts. From Vega and Garden of Life to PlantFusion and Sunwarrior, there’s a wide spectrum of vanilla vegan protein powders out there. While some of them taste great, others are awful and over-burdened with stevia and artificial flavors. Having cut through the clutter, I’ve found several favorite plant-based protein powder… Read More »

best vegan protein powder for oatmeal

What’s the Best Vegan Protein Powder for Oatmeal?

Try these three plant-based protein powders to elevate the flavor and nutrition of your oatmeal. If you’re like me and you like to add a little plant-based protein powder to your oatmeal (morning or night), then you are probably selective about your options. Having reviewed a bunch, I’ve found a few go-to options that pack great flavor and nutrition. Here are my top 3 best vegan protein powders for oatmeal. Vega Sport Protein Vega Sport Protein is one of the best-tasting vegan protein powders for oatmeal. Between Peanut Butter, Vanilla, and Chocolate flavors, each makes for a decadent addition to… Read More »

Recap of vegan protein powder without stevia

Vegan Protein Powder Without Stevia

See 5 of Our Favorite Stevia-Free Protein Powders A lot of protein powders, especially vegan options, contain stevia as the primary sweetener. Because stevia is a zero-sugar, zero-calorie sweetener, many brands use stevia to keep their protein powders healthy without compromising on taste. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work out. For many consumers, stevia is simply a no-go. It can have a very distinct taste that’s often overwhelming for some. And most will agree stevia has a lingering aftertaste that’s not always pleasant. Many consumers now prefer vegan protein powders without stevia. The challenge is finding the best options. Here are… Read More »

is nutella vegan

Is Nutella Vegan-Friendly?

As an international sensation among nut spreads, Nutella originated in Italy during the World War II era. It started as a sweet paste made from hazelnuts, sugar, and a bit of rare cocoa. During these early days of Nutella, this original version may have been animal-free, vegan-friendly. However, as the product evolved from being called SuperCrema in 1951 to eventually Nutella® in 1964, as did its ingredients (and its global popularity). Nutella quickly became a household name throughout various parts of Europe, including Germany, France, and eventually overseas in 1978.  So, is Nutella Vegan? While debatably plant-based during its original… Read More »

is peanut butter vegan friendly

Is Peanut Butter Vegan-Friendly?

Peanut butter is a common staple across many cultures, particularly throughout America. Peanut butter comes in many different varieties depending on its ingredients and how it’s processed. In most cases, the ingredients found in most peanut butter products are plant-based but some exceptions exist.  In its simplest form, peanut butter is made of ground peanuts and salt. Some brands, like Jif and Skippy, process their peanut butter products with oils and sugar to enhance the consistency of the spread as well as the taste. Depending on the type of oil and other added ingredients, some vegans remain vigilant about the… Read More »

vegan food sensitivity testing rule out soy versus tempeh

Food Sensitivity Testing for Vegans and Why It Matters

A food sensitivity can be a catchall term to describe both food intolerance and food allergies. But keep in mind that these are two very different reactions. While the spectrum can range in severity, food sensitivities can affect just about anyone, including vegans.  For those who eat a strict plant-based diet that’s free of any meat, dairy, and animal-based food sources, the challenges of encountering a food sensitivity can be even more complicated. This is because vegan food allergens, such as those found in wheat, soy, and nuts, are common staples in a plant-based diet. Having a food allergy or… Read More »

Garden of Life Raw Fit review

Garden of Life RAW Fit Protein Powder Review

Garden of Life RAW Fit: High Protein for Weight Loss is an organic, raw vegan protein powder that says it helps burn fat, satisfy hunger, and fight cravings. But does it actually work? And does it actually taste good? In this comprehensive review of Garden of Life Fit protein powder, I get to the bottom of it. Jump to: Ingredients | Flavor & Taste | Price? | Bottom Line What makes Garden of Life Fit protein unique is its “Raw Certified Organic Sprouted Protein Blend” as well as its stress and glucose management blends. Not only does it come stacked… Read More »

vega sport protein peanut butter review

Vega Sport Protein Powder Review

This is my review of Vega Sport Protein Powder, one of the most popular, performance-centric options in the vegan protein space. Overall, it’s an affordable product that offers a solid protein profile and a variety of tasty flavors. Mindfully formulated for athletes looking to optimize post-workout recovery, Vega Sport Protein offers one of the highest concentrations of protein per serving as well as amino acids (and BCAAs). Jump to: Ingredients & Nutrition | Flavor Review | Price Review | Bottom Line Vega Sport Protein Powder also contains performance-enhancing ingredients like tart cherry and turmeric. No doubt, it’s a proper, plant-based… Read More »

sunwarrior warrior blend natural review

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Review

If you’re searching for the ultimate Sunwarrior Warrior Blend review, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at the Vegan Protein Powder Review, we conduct in-depth reviews of various plant-based protein products, and Sunwarrior Warrior Blend is a unique product worth more than just a cursory glance. Jump to: Nutrition Review | Flavor Review | Price Review | Bottom Line This is an extensive review of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend protein powder, one of Sunwarrior’s flagship products and one of the most popular plant-based protein supplements on the market. It’s designed for both health-minded individuals and high-performance athletes looking to… Read More »

sunwarrior classic plus protein review

Sunwarrior Classic Plus Review

If you’re searching for the Internet’s most comprehensive Sunwarrior Classic Plus review, then welcome. You have arrived at the right place. Here at the Vegan Protein Powder Review, we conduct extensive reviews of various plant-based protein supplements, unveiling their ingredients, nutrition, flavor, and overall value.  In this in-depth review of Sunwarrior Classic Plus protein powder, I’ll take you on an elaborate journey through three of its primary flavors – Natural (Unsweetened), Vanilla, and Chocolate. As the cousin of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend (which is grain-free and paleo-friendly,) Sunwarrior Classic Plus offers a completely different protein blend but is still on par… Read More »

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