is nutella vegan

As an international sensation among nut spreads, Nutella originated in Italy during the World War II era. It started as a sweet paste made from hazelnuts, sugar, and a bit of rare cocoa. During these early days of Nutella, this original version may have been animal-free, vegan-friendly.

However, as the product evolved from being called SuperCrema in 1951 to eventually Nutella® in 1964, as did its ingredients (and its global popularity). Nutella quickly became a household name throughout various parts of Europe, including Germany, France, and eventually overseas in 1978. 

is nutella a vegan-friendly food

So, is Nutella Vegan?

While debatably plant-based during its original phases, over the years of refinement, today’s version of Nutella is not vegan. Because it uses milk as an ingredient to achieve its sweet, creamy qualities, Nutella contains dairy and is not a vegan-friendly food.


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