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Vegan Protein Powder Recipes

Find vegan protein powder recipes for your lifestyle. We feature vegan protein powder smoothie recipes, shake recipes, snack recipes, dessert recipes, and more. Whether you’re looking for vegan protein powder recipes for vanilla, chocolate, or unflavored protein powders, you can find simple, healthy, and easy to make recipes here!

protein chia pudding recipe vegan

Protein Chia Pudding Recipe-Vegan

Whether you’re privy to hemp milk, oat milk, almond milk, or coconut milk, this protein-infused chia pudding recipe (vegan) is a versatile concoction that can be made with many different ingredients. And with any vegan chia pudding recipe, it’s probably best topped fresh fruit, cinnamon, nut butter, coconut flakes, and anything in between.  Because chia seeds and plant milk alone is a little boring, it only seemed natural to jack-this-recipe-up with some vegan protein powder. So in this chia pudding recipe, we used one of our favorite products, PlantFusion Complete Protein. It adds a nice layer of sweetness, creaminess, and… Read More »

Toasted Coconut Halo Top Milkshake Recipe Vegan

Vegan Halo Top Milkshake Recipe with Toasted Coconut & Maca Malt

Do not be misled by my mediocre photography. I can assure you, this Halo Top milkshake recipe is a hit. It’s guiltless yet profoundly satisfying with decadent flavor and ample volume. Not only does this milkshake help pacify binge eating temptations for days, it’s also loaded with protein and other healthy ingredients that help fuel athletic recovery and lean muscle mass. I’m not going to lie, the Toasted Coconut flavor of Halo Top ice cream is one of my favorite things in the world. With that said, you can adapt this milkshake recipe to virtually any flavor Halo Top. It’s… Read More »

vegan keto breakfast smoothie recipe

Vegan Keto Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

This deceptively-decadent, vegan keto breakfast smoothie is a low sugar, high fat blend designed to stoke your metabolism and satiate your appetite for hours. Because this high fat smoothie is very low in carbohydrates and has a almost no sugar, it’s ketogenic-friendly. All the rave in the weight loss world and endurance community, the ketogenic diet is gaining traction on a mainstream level. The only issue is that going keto is infamously animal based. But not with this vegan keto breakfast smoothie recipe! Ingredients 3 ½  cups unsweetened plant milk 3 cups of spinach, chard, or other non-bitter leafy greens… Read More »

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