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Vegan Amaranth Protein Powder Reviews

Are you seeking top-tier amaranth protein powder? If so, then welcome. You’ve arrived at the right place. We’ve conducted a number of vegan protein powder reviews on products that have amaranth as a primary source of protein. While amaranth is oftentimes seen as a grain-based protein, some brands consider their amaranth protein a seed. This is most likely because some protein powder manufacturers use raw sprouted amaranth for their products.

As a result, some of the amaranth protein powders reviewed below are considered paleo-friendly or grain-free. Each amaranth protein powder review provides an in-depth look at the ingredients, nutritional composition, flavor profile, and overall cost/price value of each product. It’s our way of helping you pinpoint the best vegan protein powder that fits your lifestyle, fitness goals, and budget. We encourage you to learn more by scoping out some of the amaranth protein powder reviews below.

Vegan Amaranth Protein Powder

sunwarrior classic plus protein review

Sunwarrior Classic Plus Review

If you’re searching for the Internet’s most comprehensive Sunwarrior Classic Plus review, then welcome. You have arrived at the right place. Here at the Vegan Protein Powder Review, we conduct extensive reviews of various plant-based protein supplements, unveiling their ingredients, nutrition, flavor, and overall value.  In this in-depth review of Sunwarrior Classic Plus protein powder, I’ll take you on an elaborate journey through three of its primary flavors – Natural (Unsweetened), Vanilla, and Chocolate. As the cousin of Sunwarrior Warrior Blend (which is grain-free and paleo-friendly,) Sunwarrior Classic Plus offers a completely different protein blend but is still on par… Read More »

PlantFusion Complete Protein Powder Plant-based Vanilla

PlantFusion Complete Protein Powder Review

Read our comprehensive PlantFusion Complete Protein review, here at Vegan Protein Powder Reviews, where we systematically yet creatively review some of the most popular (and unpopular) vegan protein powders on the market. PlantFusion Complete Protein is one of the lesser-known performance products, so we were especially fond to give it a thorough review. Jump to: Nutrition Review | Flavor Review | Price Review | Bottom Line After a cursory glance at other reviews on Amazon and Vitacost, it’s evident that PlantFusion Complete Protein is positively reviewed throughout the web. And for good reason. As one of the few plant-based protein… Read More »

Garden of Life Raw Meal Review

Garden of Life Raw Meal Replacement Review

Howdy! Thanks for checking out the official Garden of Life Organic Raw Meal Replacement review. This is just one of many Garden of Life protein reviews that I’ve put together. But it’s the first “meal replacement” protein powder that I’ve thoroughly tried and tested. Jump to: Nutrition Review | Flavor Review | Price Review | Bottom Line If you’re looking for the one-sentence review of Garden of Life Raw Meal Replacement – it’s a nutritionally robust, 100% raw, vegan protein powder that’s nutrient-dense, fiber-rich, and flavor-neutral. But if you’re looking for the complete review of Garden of Life Organic Raw… Read More »

sunwarrior illumin8 mocha review

Sunwarrior Illumin8 Protein Meal Replacement Review

If you’re looking for the ultimate Sunwarrior Illumin8 review, then look no further. Here at the Vegan Protein Powder Review, we provide in-depth reviews of many different plant-based products. This is an extensive review of Sunwarrior Illumin8, which is a relatively new meal replacement protein product on the market. Jump to: Nutrition Review | Flavor Review | Price Review | Bottom Line As a vitamin-rich meal replacement offering a number of savory flavors, Sunwarrior Illumin8 provides more than your typical vegan protein powder. Sunwarrior Illumin8 Organic Meal Replacement is a complete nutritional shake that’s rich in vitamins, minerals, gluten-free carbs,… Read More »

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