My Favorite Plant-based Stevia-Free Protein Powders

vegan protein powder without stevia

A lot of protein powders, especially vegan options, contain stevia as the primary sweetener. Because stevia is a zero-sugar, zero-calorie sweetener, many brands use it to keep their protein powders to keep the sugar content low without compromising on taste.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t always work out.

For many consumers, stevia is simply a no-go. It can have a very distinct taste (or aftertaste) that’s often described as overpowering, overwhelming, and chemical-ly. Many of will say that stevia has a lingering aftertaste that’s rather unpleasant.

In turn, there’s high demand for vegan protein powders without stevia. The challenge is finding the best ones. Having tried over thirty products in this space. I’ve narrowed it down to my 8 favorite plant-based stevia-free protein powders worth trying.


1. Orgain Simple Protein Powder

Orgain Simple Protein Powder is Stevia-Free

Orgain Simple Protein lives up to its name as one of the cleanest, stevia-free protein powders on the market. It does not contain any artificial ingredients, gums, thickeners, or fillers. It’s also completely organic and non-GMO, and it’s also free of gluten and soy. It does contain “natural flavors,” which can be somewhat vague and suspicious to picky customers, but this one product we love for its minimal ingredients and great taste.

Orgain Simple Protein is available in three flavors, Creamy Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla, and Peanut Butter. It’s mildly sweetened using organic coconut sugar and has a delicious, smooth taste. It’s also highly accessible, as you can find in most large grocery stores and a number of places online.

See the full Orgain protein review of this product or buy it now on Amazon.


2. PlantFusion Complete Protein Natural No-Stevia

plantfusion natural stevia free vegan protein powder


Added to PlantFusion Complete Protein’s line-up by popular demand, the Natural No-Stevia option is one of the best of its kind. With a pleasant, neutral taste that is free of any flavors, this mostly unflavored vegan protein powder is a great option for smoothies, baked goods, and other dishes where a transparent flavor profile is preferred.

And for those who are sensitive to artificial flavors or just simply desire a vegan protein powder without Stevia, PlantFusion Complete Protein Natural No-Stevia is a huge win we highly recommended. Not only does it taste great, but it’s also a nutritional powerhouse with a high concentration of amino acids.

Read our full review on this product or take my word for it and buy it on Amazon.


3. Sunwarrior Classic Plus Unflavored Protein

sunwarrior classic plus unflavored vegan protein powder without stevia


Perhaps one of the best stevia-free protein powders I’ve had, Sunwarrior Classic Plus Unflavored is very smooth and transparent tasting. It’s practically 100% flavorless (in a good way,) so it makes for stealth inclusion in all sorts of smoothies or shakes (retaining its “natural” flavor profile.) 

Sunwarrior Classic Plus Unflavored is very refined and floury, so it blends well into just about anything. Ideal for fruit-forward smoothies where there are already a lot of flavors, the Unflavored option is virtually undetectable. When it comes to the natural-flavored vegan protein powders, this one was one of the best I’ve reviewed.

Read our full review on this protein powder or get it on Amazon.


4. Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Unflavored No-Stevia

Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein Unflavored Stevia Free

Garden of Life Raw Protein Unflavored is a fantastic option in the category of transparent, natural-tasting vegan protein powders without stevia. It’s not sweet, nor is there much taste to speak of. But it’s very smooth and virtually undetectable when added to a smoothie or incorporated into a recipe. In essence, I found this option to be one of the most transparent and versatile in its class.

Also, if you’re looking for a weight-loss-friendly vegan protein powder with no stevia, then this is a good option worth trying. Like Garden of Life RAW Fit protein powder that has metabolism-boosting ingredients, it’s nutritionally dense, low in calories, and isn’t sweet (so it won’t trigger your taste buds into wanting more.)

Read the full review on this protein powder or buy it now on Amazon.


5. Ghost Vegan Protein

ghost vegan protein powder stevia free

As a rising star in the plant-based protein space, Ghost is an edgy brand that makes a vegan protein powder without stevia. Instead, it’s sweetened with sucralose and it comes in a variety of delicious flavors Peanut Butter Cereal Milk, Chocolate Cereal Milk, Pancake Batter, and Banana Pancake Batter.

Ghost’s vegan protein blend is comprised of pea protein, pumpkin protein, and watermelon seed protein. Don’t be misled by the word “creamer” in the ingredients, as this is made from Sunflower Oil, Tapioca Starch, and a couple of other ingredients to help improve the texture and flavor of the product (Orgain uses something similar).

Well-reviewed for its good test, Ghost Vegan Protein is worth a look. It’s usually priced around $44.99 but can be on sale if you check Amazon.


6. Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Original

Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Original Stevia-Free Protein Powder

With less than 1 gram of sugar and no stevia, you’d think Amazing Grass Protein Superfood Original would be quite bland and gritty. Au contraire, the Original flavor is one of the most smooth and delicious, au natural vegan protein powders I’ve tasted.

Right up there with Sunwarrior Classic Plus Natural (but perhaps even better tasting), Amazing Grass Superfood Protein Original is a universally-applicable option that doesn’t over-power or over-flavor your smoothie. It’s slightly earthy on its own with just milk, so I highly suggest mixing it with something.

But what I enjoy about this flavor is that it tastes more real and authentic (doesn’t try to cover up earthiness with stevia.) You definitely taste the vegetables, but they’re subtle and smooth. I found it to be a great addition to my avocado, spinach, and peach smoothie.

Read our full review on this protein product or buy it on Amazon.


7. Naked Pea Vanilla Protein Powder

Naked Pea Vanilla Protein Powder without Stevia

Naked Pea is a popular plant-based protein powder that’s preferred for its minimalism. Containing just three ingredients (yellow pea protein, organic coconut sugar, and organic cacao powder), it’s a simple, stevia-free protein powder worth considering.

Keep in mind that Naked Pea Protein Powder is not a complete protein as it doesn’t contain all essential amino acids. For many individuals who eat a balanced diet, this is not a problem as you’re likely getting other amino acids from other foods. But for bodybuilders or athletic types, there are other sport protein powders with a higher concentration of amino acids.

For pricing and purchase, have a look on Amazon.


8. Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein Smooth Unflavored

Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein Smooth Unflavored Protein Powder without Stevia

Garden of Life Organic Plant Protein Smooth Unflavored is in fact very smooth and transparent to the taste buds. There’s no stevia or sugar, so it’s not sweet at all. So if you want an unflavored vegan protein powder that doesn’t taste like anything, then this one is for you (as it literally has little to no flavor).

The real edge to this stevia-free protein powder is that it’s grain-free. For those who are seeking a paleo-friendly protein powder with grains (such as rice) as the primary source of protein, then this is a solid product to try.

However, because there’s not much going on with this product taste-wise, the overall experience (including the texture) can taste bland. As such, I recommend using Smooth Unflavored in more flavorful applications, like a fruit smoothie.

Want to try it? See our full review or take our word for it and buy it now on Amazon.


Stevia-Free Protein Powders for the Win

Recap of vegan protein powder without stevia

We get it. Stevia can be a dominant form of sweetener that overpowers just about anything that it’s in. Protein powders are no exception. Fortunately, many brands are responding to the call to action and are coming out with better-tasting vegan protein powder without stevia and artificial flavors. Often labeled as “unflavored” or “natural,” these options are becoming more and more available. So, stay tuned as we updated this post with more fantastic stevia-free protein powder options. 

This post was written by Tyler Tafelsky, a sports and nutrition blogger with a wealth of experience in the vegan protein powder space. The first banner image is by Marco Verch.

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