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MRM Veggie Elite Review

MRM Veggie Elite Protein Powder Review

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Check out my complete MRM Veggie Elite review, an in-depth look at an athlete-minded, plant-based protein powder. I was especially interested in MRM Veggie Elite because of its low-sugar and low-cost compared to other high-performance vegan sport protein powders.

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mrm veggie elite protein powder review

Having had this product in the queue for several months, finally, the opportunity came to run MRM Veggie Elite through the review process. I was prompted to make it happen while listening to a podcast about the ketogenic diet with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino and Tim Ferriss (which you can listen to here.) While Dr. D’Agostino is not vegan, in that podcast he shares interesting information about the science behind consuming a low-carb, low-sugar diet.

While specifically discussing ketogenic vegan diets (which are not common, but still doable), MRM Veggie Elite was mentioned as a keto-friendly vegan protein powder as it does not contain sugar. Dr. D’Agostino plugged MRM Veggie Elite along with his simple, high-fat smoothie recipe that’s 100% vegan.

As an athlete experimenting with a high-fat/ketogenic diet (while keeping it primarily plant-based,) this sign was the kick in the butt I needed to review MRM Veggie Elite protein powder. At just over $20 for a hefty 2-pound tub, it was practically a steal. That’s about half the price of comparable high-protein powder products.

MRM Veggie Elite Review

And in addition to being highly affordable, MRM Veggie Elite is a vegan protein powder that offers a solid concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). If you’re an athlete or like to pump iron, then you’ll be excited to know that this is one of the few plant-based protein powders that contains such a rich amount of amino acids – the true building blocks of protein.

Beyond being primed for athletes interested in BCAAs and plant-based protein sources, it’s a great option for all walks of life. As the standard procedure for all reviews, below we delve into MRM Veggie Elite’s ingredients and nutritional composition, flavor profiles (of two flavors Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Mocha), and the overall value of the product.

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Nutrition Review: What Are MRM Veggie Elite Ingredients?

The protein blend in MRM Veggie Elite contains a simple combination of pea and organic brown rice protein concentrate. The fine powder concentration is evident in just how blendable the protein is. The product mixes well into just about anything, even just water.

A modest single scoop serving provides 24 grams of protein, so a little bit goes a long way. The simple combination of plant-based proteins – pea and brown rice (legume and grain) – make it a complete protein with the right balance of amino acids. One might not think the concentrations of amino acids could be that high given the simplicity of MRM Veggie Elite. But it’s actually quite strong.

mrm veggie elite amino nutritional facts protein powder review

A modest single scoop serving provides 24 grams of protein, so a little bit goes a long way. The simple combination of plant-based proteins – pea and brown rice (legume and grain) – make it a complete protein with the right balance of amino acids. One might not think the concentrations of amino acids could be that high given the simplicity of MRM Veggie Elite. But it’s actually quite strong.

In one serving, there are 4.6 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and about 9.6 grams of all essential amino acids (EAAs). While some more expensive vegan protein powders (in the athletic performance category) provide up to 6 grams of BCAAs, MRM Veggie Elite is still pretty good, especially given the price

MRM Veggie Elite Protein Powder Review

MRM Veggie Elite is among the first patent-pending formulas that hold its own against whey protein in a clinical study. Best said from MRM itself:

MRM Veggie Elite adjusts grams of protein per serving by using True Digestibility of individual proteins to create a clean, plant-based formula to rival whey, then adds Digest-ALL® enzyme blend to further aid digestion and assimilation of plant proteins.

MRM Veggie Elite is a complete protein source for individuals with specific body composition goals, those seeking to build or maintain lean muscle mass, active individuals, or simply those who want to add protein to their diet.

Last in the review of MRM Veggie Elite’s nutritional profile are the ingredients that shape the product’s taste. This includes natural vanilla bean flavor and TreLEAFia, a natural and non-GMO sweetener blend comprised of stevia leaf extract, trehalose, and monk fruit extract. Overall, the product is sweet and the stevia is apparent. However, the combination of monk fruit sweetener and trehalose (a lightly-sweet sugar disaccharide used in minimal amounts) helps balance it out.

Overall, MRM Veggie Elite is a solid protein powder that’s basic yet effective. While it doesn’t contain a lot of the “bells and whistles” found in other high-protein vegan powders, it still gets the job done and earns a 4 out of 5 stars.

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Flavor Reviews: Does MRM Veggie Elite Taste Good?

Now that we know this product offers a solid nutritional profile complete with amino acids and digestive enzymes, it’s time to review the taste of MRM Veggie Elite. There are two flavors I cover in this review: Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Mocha. Both are distinctly different, providing you with options depending on your preference.

Like all the vegan protein powder reviews on this website, I first taste the protein powder in its simplest form by mixing it with unflavored almond milk. Because MRM Veggie Elite is so highly-concentrated and refined, the blend mixes easily into liquid with no clumping. There’s also no grittiness to the blend, as the texture and mouthfeel are very smooth.

MRM Veggie Elite Vanilla Bean Review

The initial taste was pleasing and the level of sweetness was perfect – not too sweet but not too bland. On the 0-10 sweetness scale, I would review MRM Veggie Elite Vanilla Bean at a 6. As a fan of vanilla plant-based protein powders, the taste of this product was delightful. It had nice subtle notes of vanilla bean, graham cracker, and Brazil nuts. I will admit that there is a slight chalky flavor, but it’s hardly detectable when blended into a smoothie.

mrm veggie elite protein powder review vanilla bean

The TreLEAFia formula that MRM uses is on-point, as there’s no overwhelming, palette-destroying stevia flavoring that makes the product taste artificial. It’s relatively natural tasting and proved to be one of my favorite vegan protein powders for all types of applications (especially those creamy, high-fat smoothies with avocados, coconut milk, and greens.)

MRM Veggie Elite Chocolate Mocha Review 

Entirely different from Vanilla Bean, MRM Veggie Elite Chocolate Mocha has an interesting taste profile that’s very mocha-forward but layered with sweet, creamy Belgian chocolate. As opposed to some chocolate-flavored protein powders that are more dark and Dutch chocolate-like, this was more on the side of milk chocolate.

mrm veggie elite protein powder review chocolate mocha

In short, it tastes like subtly coffee-flavored hot chocolate with hints of caramel and vanilla bean. MRM Veggie Elite Chocolate Mocha is one of those flavors that taste pretty good when you first try it. But once you buy a second tub of it, you start to get sick of the taste. For this reason, I’ll often rotate the Vanilla Bean flavor (in addition to other performance brands) for the sake of novelty on my palette.

While both flavors of MRM Veggie Elite are good, I didn’t find either to be “the best protein powder.” Both have a bit of chalkiness to them, which is tolerable. But for some picky consumers, it’s a deal-breaker. In turn, I give the overall flavor review rating a 3 out of 5 stars.

Flavor Review Rating: 3 out of 5

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Price Review: How Much Does MRM Veggie Elite Cost?

Because the price of MRM Veggie Elite may fluctuate based on MRM’s ongoing production of the product, market demands, and seller (especially if you buy the product on Amazon where there are various retailers who may offer differing prices), I am unable to list a specific price here in the review. But what I can do is give you a value rating of MRM Veggie Elite with respect to the product’s quality, volume, and cost compared to other vegan sport protein powders on the market.

In the grand scheme of vegan protein powders, MRM Veggie Elite is significantly lower in price. As I mentioned above, you can typically find a 2-pound tub priced in the mid $20 range. When I first started using the product, I bought it for as low as $23 on Amazon, but that price seems to have slightly increased over time. Vanilla Bean comes in a 2.2-pound tub while Chocolate Mocha comes in a 2.45-pound tub. Both are typically priced the same, so you get the highest amount of protein powder at a lesser cost when you opt for Chocolate Mocha.

Overall, MRM Veggie Elite is a simple yet high-quality, non-GMO vegan protein powder that’s decent in taste. Given its low price, I think it’s a fair value with little risk in trying it out.

Price Review Rating: 5 out of 5    

Last Word on MRM Veggie Elite Protein Powder

Overall, I like MRM Veggie Elite for its ketogenic properties and economical price point. It’s a quality protein blend that goes a long way in the mid-$30 range for a hefty 2.2-pound (1,020-gram) tub. It’s one of the few keto-friendly protein powders that tastes good. It also has a simple yet amino-rich protein blend, helping support athletic recovery.

Have you had MRM Veggie Elite? Let me know what you think of this vegan protein powder in the comments. Also, be sure to check out some of the related performance-minded plant-based protein powders listed below.

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