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Orgain Simple Protein Powder Review

Orgain Simple Protein Powder Reviews

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My Review of Orgain Simple Protein

Orgain Simple Protein is one of my new favorite products. Compared to a previous Orgain protein powder review I did on the flagship Orgain Organic product, this version is considerably better and has a simpler ingredient list.

Stevia-free and with no artificial sweeteners, Orgain Simple is a stripped-back protein blend that accurately falls into the “clean” category of plant-based protein powders. It’s a new addition to the Orgain protein powder lineup that offers a boutique-quality product at a fraction of the cost. Not only is it organic and affordably priced, but it’s also easy to find on Amazon and in major grocery stores. 

But does Orgain Simple Protein powder taste good? I am happy to say that it does. In fact, it’s one of the best-tasting vegan protein powders I’ve had. This Orgain protein powder comes in three flavors, Creamy Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla, and Peanut Butter. But this review focuses on the first two.

Nutrition | Taste | Price | Bottom Line

Nutrition & Ingredients in Orgain Simple Protein Powder

Despite there being three unique flavors, the nutritional profile of Orgain Simple is relatively the same across each type. The main difference is that Creamy Chocolate has a couple more grams of fiber compared to Vanilla. Otherwise, the differences are minimal and the 150-calorie (two scoops) serving remains consistent.

Orgain Simple Vanilla Protein Powder Ingredients Review

Orgain Simple Protein powder is made of quality, organic ingredients, including golden pea, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, almond, and chia seeds (in that order). The product is USDA-certified organic, grain-free, and fringing-on paleo-friendly. Overall. I applaud Orgain for making a diverse, amino-rich blend that stands out from the crowd.

In addition to Orgain’s Organic Protein Blend, the product contains organic coconut sugar as the primary sweetener, which contains 6 grams of sugar per serving. Although this is higher than a vast majority of plant protein powders, most people prefer the naturally sweetened taste over artificial alternatives, like stevia. And for active individuals, a little sugar can be beneficial in replenishing muscle glycogen stores. 

Orgain Simple Vanilla Protein Powder Nutrition Review

Worth pointing out in my Orgain protein powder review, I did notice that Orgain Simple does contain “organic flavor with other natural flavors,” which can be ambiguous and eyebrow-raising for some very particular consumers. But most people are willing to brush aside the vagueness of “natural flavors.”

The important thing is that Orgain Simple Protein is free from any gums, fillers, and other sketchy ingredients that have no nutritional value. All in all, I am impressed by this product’s simplicity and highly recommend it for its nutrition and ingredients.

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Flavor Review: Does Orgain Simple Protein Powder Taste Good?

What really stood out about this Orgain protein powder review was the taste of the product. Orgain Simple Protein is one of the best protein powders that I’ve ever had in terms of taste and nutrition. Combined with its clean ingredients and high nutritional value, it’s one of my favorite go-to products that buy regularly, next to Vega Sport and Garden of Life Sport.

So, how good does Orgain Simple Protein taste? Here’s my brief review of each flavor I’ve tried so far.

Orgain Simple Vanilla Protein Powder

Orgain Simple Vanilla Protein Powder Review

The vanilla flavor of Orgain Simple Protein is my go-to, mostly because vanilla is my favorite but also because you use it for a lot of different things, like smoothies, pancakes, or simply on its own with water or plant milk. 

The taste of Orgain Simple Vanilla has a nice malty flavor that’s mildly nutty, biscuity, and creamy. It is sweet but not overpowering and works well in just about everything. Even the aroma is very pleasant (you’d be surprised how weird a lot of protein powders smell.) All in all, it’s incredibly smooth and delicious. 

Orgain Simple Creamy Chocolate Protein Powder

Orgain Simple Chocolate Protein Powder Review

Next to Vanilla, the Creamy Chocolate flavor was also a win for its creamy taste and smooth texture. Having only reviewed this flavor once, what stood out was the cocoa-forward taste that had a decadent balance between both milk chocolate and dark chocolate (Dutch chocolate, maybe?)

Also well-balanced in terms of sweetness, Orgain Simple Creamy Chocolate has a delicious flavor profile that’s a must-try for chocolate protein powder lovers. 

Orgain Simple Peanut Butter Protein Powder

Orgain Simple Peanut Butter Protein Powder Review

I have not yet tried the Peanut Butter flavor of Orgain Simple Protein. Stay tuned for an update once I give this flavor of Orgain protein powder a proper review. See other peanut butter protein powders for more product recommendations.

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Price Review: How Much Does Orgain Simple Protein Cost?

The beauty of Orgain Simple Protein is that it’s very accessible, both in terms of cost and where you can find it. I typically purchase it from the local grocery store for around $27 after taxes. But you can also find it everywhere online, including Amazon.

The price of Orgain Simple Protein seems to vary depending on the flavor. It seems the Peanut Butter flavor costs a little more, typically in the mid-$30 range. However, for the other flavors, you typically find this Orgain protein powder in the mid-$20 range, usually with a price of about $25 for a modest-sized 1.25lb tub (containing fifteen servings).

Bottom Line: Is Orgain Protein Powder Good?

Orgain Simple is a truly clean plant-based protein powder that’s dairy-free, gluten-free, stevia-free and delicious. It’s also completely organic, non-GMO, and kosher. Given its strong nutritional value, great taste, cleanliness, and low cost, Orgain Simple Protein is most definitely a good product worth trying.

Orgain is also a Climate Pledge Friendly brand that has several sustainability certifications which means it supports Amazon’s commitment to helping preserve the natural world.

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Orgain Protein Powder FAQs

I get asked a lot of specific questions about these protein powder reviews, especially about Orgain. Here are some frequently asked questions about Orgain Simple Protein.

What makes Orgain protein powder clean?

The primary reason behind what makes Orgain Simple Protein clean is that it does not contain any artificial ingredients, gums, thickeners, or fillers. It’s also entirely organic and non-GMO, and it’s free of gluten and soy. While it does contain “natural flavors,” which can be somewhat vague, overall Orgain Simple Protein is one of the cleanest protein powders out there.

Is Orgain protein powder good for health?

Of the many different types of vegan protein powder, Orgain is one of the healthiest brands on the market. All Orgain protein powders contain organic, non-GMO ingredients, and the protein blends themselves are made from high-quality and diverse ingredients like seeds, nuts, and legumes. The Orgain Organic Protein Blend is also grain-free.

Does Orgain protein powder have toxins?

Orgain Simple Protein does not contain any toxic ingredients. It is one of the cleanest protein powder products available and free from any questionably healthy additives or toxins. We highly recommend this product for those looking for a premium quality protein powder.

Is Orgain protein powder a meal replacement?

Although the Orgain Organic Protein Blend contains a rich blend of ingredients, it is not considered a true meal replacement powder. It lacks the calorie density and nutritional value to be a true meal replacement, however, if combined with other wholesome foods, Orgain protein powder could very well be a complete meal (such as added to a fruit and vegetable smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal.)

Is Orgain protein powder good for building muscle?

Despite Orgain’s Organic Protein Blend providing a diverse range of protein sources, including pea, chia seed, peanuts, and almonds, its concentration of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) is unknown. I generally recommend sticking with protein powders that have a high-density amino acids, specifically BCAAs, for building muscle. While Orgain protein powder is likely sufficient for recovery and building muscle when used with other quality foods, I would recommend sport protein products like Vega Sport and Garden of Life Sport.

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